Safelist Now Rules


Here are our Rules, if you do not agree to them, please do not sign up!

- By signing up agree to receive emails from other members of the Safelist.

- No adult, pornography, illegal, hatred, racism or anti government material.

- No autoresponders as neither list nor contact email.

- No dishonest subject lines like eg 'your account has been deleted', 'from admin', 'notification of payment received. If you have doubts whether your subject lines falls into this category, it probably does.

- Multiple accounts are not permitted.

- No replying with an ad to any safelist email you receive.

- No sending of ads to any admin addresses.

- No Harvesting of other members email addresses.

- No bouncing. Do not use zwallet, hotmail, yahoo or other addresses on our banned list.

View the entire list of banned domains here.


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